Massive Epic Monster Thing

Posted: 23. September 2014 in Uncategorized
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Yeah, for real!

In early spring my brother-in-law gave me a handful of Sunflower seeds,

claiming they were from a “giant” Sunflower.

So, I did with them what you are supposed to do with them,

and one of the plants came up alright and started growing.

And growing.

And growing.


This is how tall our Helianthus was on the seventh of this month.

I stand 186 centimeters tall, so, it’s fairly big, even for a Sunflower plant.

A couple of days later it blossomed.

IMG_0008 (2)

And today, a couple of weeks later, the flower is massive.

IMG_0001 (3) IMG_0010 (3)

The flower is bigger than a frying pan… Seriously.

Good genes, I suppose.

  1. Damn, Martin! That’s gotta be 10 feet tall! That’s big, even for a sunflower! I reckon you fed it pretty well, and the adjacent wall probably provided a bit of shelter from errant breezes. The reflectivity of the wall might have increased the intensity of the sunlight, too.

    If you wait until the seeds ripen (put some kind of bird-barrier over the bloom), they make an excellent snack, to say nothing of providing seeds for next year.

    BTW, I saw the two latest Graphic Novel pics, but had really nothing to say … so I said nothing.

    • killjoke says:

      The not having anything to say bit is of course quite alright. I have the same with nine out of ten blog posts I read, so…

      I will, of course, keep some of the seeds for breeding. This is an opportunity I cannot sit over. Imagine an entire bed of creatures like this! However, I’m sure you are right about the habitat. The pumpkin plants covering the ground at the feet of this giant are equally large and have some good fruits coming along. When it reached around one and a half meter, and I noticed the thickness of the stem, I put some nails in the wall and put a few wires up, for support. I guess she approved…

      Yeah, it’s definitely a female.

      Seems we have what my dad used to call “green fingers”. The trials and tests we have been running last year and this year proved promising. We are ready to go all in with the rest of our land.

      • The soil you’ve got has to be pretty good, too … boggy, peaty soil is very fertile, if you can keep the plants from drowning.

      • killjoke says:

        The soil in the area is high on sand and clay. This combined with fairly high soil carbon properties makes it extremely fertile.The carbon also gives the soil a good water-holding capacity which is good with sandy soil. The over-all landscape is slightly sloping, because we live in an area between highlands and lowlands – hills to the North/East and marshes to the South/West. Boggy, though. We have a rather large one just opposite the road from our house. It’s been growing steadily since… Well, since the last Ice Age, I suppose. The municipality management have a strategy with putting trees around the bogs, combined with making draining basins, so they won’t grow out of control. However, fertile land. Good for potatoes, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, lettuce and the likes, and also good for fruit trees and berry bushes. All of which are in our plans for the design of our outdoor facilities.

  2. Very nice! It is fun to grow sunflowers. Birds sure love to feast on the seeds, so are we human! 🙂

    “The tallest sunflower is 8.75 m (28 ft 8.49 in) tall when measured in Kaarst, Germany, on 27 August 2013 and belongs to Hans-Peter Schiffer (Germany)

    Schiffer has held this record twice previously with heights of 8.23 m and 8.03 m.”
    — Guiness World Records

  3. gdare says:

    Wow, I’ve seen some big sunflowers but this one is among the tallest of them!!! It likes the place you planted it 🙂

  4. edward1793 says:

    Magic beans, huh? Martin, you should no better than that. Just hope that you didn’t have to trade the cow. 😀

  5. killjoke says:

    Well, this morning I found both flowers lying on the ground. It was a bit windy this night and they must have fallen. So, now I’m leaving them to dry, to see if I am lucky with the seeds. If I am, there has to be at least five hundred of them.

  6. Not only sunflower is wonderful but your page design also, I wonder about Is the taste of it’s seeds

    • killjoke says:

      Hi Rania, welcome to The Fish Tank!

      The page design is not mine, it’s only one of the ready-made themes you can choose.

      Unfortunately the Sunflower plants was destroyed in the first Autumn storm. Both of them fell before the seeds were fully matured. However, brother-in-law managed to raise a few of them in his own yard to full adulthood. His plants were rather small, because he raised them in pots, but the genes are the same, so I’ll try again next spring, a little earlier but in the same soil. And I’ll have to keep supporting them, and maybe maintaining the support, so it can withstand the ocean gales sweeping the lands in late Summer, early Autumn.

      • thanks Martin (:
        hope you will succeed the next time , by God will .
        i think it is good to make use of our garden, last month planted spinach and parsley in the garden, now the first leaves began to appear .

  7. coisart says:

    that is by far the biggest I’ve ever seen!

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