Teflon Plow Klute

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Klute is neither the name of a puppy or a dwarf chimpanzee.

Klute cannot be bent or otherwise altered;
Linguistic, grammatical or by third player.
Klute will always seek to evade lock,

Therefore, you do not find Klute.
It’s best to let Klute find you.

Klute obeys neither our leaders in power,
The media nor the aforementioned third player.
Klute knows only the gold:
Its weight in bags,
Its bump against the thighs in the jacket pockets.
It is this gold and this gold alone,
That spurs our Klute.

The gold will also lead Klute to you.

The coins.
Klute love the coins.
For them Klute will
Kill, steal, rob, cheat, lie,
For later to
drink, fuck, eat, sleep, shit.
Necessitated and made possible
By the coins.
The true power of the coin is not Klutes concern
Other more useful and applicable objects
Is bumping against his thigh in its holster
Semi-automatic weigh in bag.

Klute has you in the crosshairs of his aim.

Klute draws first and shoots last.
Klute is always the last man standing.
Drunk under the table,
Fucked to an organ-grinder,
Over-eaten and drunk as a horse:
Spent several nights
Sleeping in his own feces,
However, you rose again, Klute.
Resurrected as ambassador behind the teflon plow ruins.

Klute lets his hand with the gun sink.
He has no quarrel with you.
He secures his weapon and puts it back in his belt.

Klute, you stand!
Unyielding, unchanging in the desert wind.
In the dark profile against the sunset.
And as the light disappears, you too must go, Klute-san.
No bogus goodbye, no kiss, no reason, no need.
Hat, coat and revolver,
One moment you are still there,
The next you’re gone.


Without frills you disappear,
in the twilight behind the ancient teflon plows.


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In wormish splantor lettering
I rove along the Arn
Whilst fross and con bisettering
The soreless bierns of larn

Mies warn I went without a slean
Incombt on much and many
In varnless slant, of puffs and mean
She stated the name of “Fanny”

“So, Fanny ’tis, thou wormish slant!”
I bellowed in my wims,
While from my tars I snapped me ant,
And brought him through her trimms!

As blied and lorn ran from her trimms
Juvilerous I stood
Me ant was dripping, sond and spim,
And blark was field and wood

“Lornful wore, I glate thy pless!”
Expressed I, humphant starled,
Mien tried and prolled in bly and stress
The night-corl reenstarled

In wormish splantor lettering
I rove along the Arn
Whilst fross and con bisettering
The soreless bierns of larn

And Then You Die

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Approaching from nowhere
The silent and the brave
Eagerly protecting the immune
Ardently holding on to nothing
Revelling in their lack of power
Fearing to lose what they never possessed

Striding on, across the fields of Naught
The silent and the brave
Steady on the course towards Oblivion
Sharpened blades in unable hands
Words of power in mute throats
Paralyzed ambition, incabable lust

And along we roam

Broken Songs

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There’s a cobwebbed stairway leading
From my heart to Xanadu
Down which the winds are howling
Broken songs of me and you
Blurry portraits hang abiding
On the scorged and dusty wall
Frozen faces gacing blindly
Seaking grace from none or all
Through the windows
Cross the courtyard
Shadows dancing in the mist
In the hall the fading echos
Of our last conclusive kiss
From my soul a whisper rising
Without words – this voiceless spell
There’s a cobwebbed staircase leading
From my heart to the gates of Hell

Let Tomorrow Decide

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By all I picked up
And all that I lost
By all I was payed
At any cost
How sweet the regret
How bitter the pride
I fall back and let
Tomorrow decide

On my climb to the bottom
I fell to the top
Set off to give in
Went on giving up
Recall or forget
Lost and found without a guide
I fall back and let
Tomorrow decide.

In the darkest shade of daylight
In the brightest hour of night
As the world becomes a lonely heart
I wake up from the fight
Where peace is the oppressor
Only war redeems your soul
We look into our empty shells
To seek a common goal

Beggers and losers
Liers and thieves
Dealers and users
Doubts and beliefs
To give or to get
To bet or to bribe
I fall back and let
Tomorrow decide

again (lyric intermission)

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the winds have blown across the lands
you have dropped your mask and underwear
she has bought realestate in Dubai
and diamonds in the alleys of Amsterdam

while the winds and I agree
on a mutual benefit contract
you put your mask back on
and diamonds and Euro bills change hands under the table


Je suis Ziggy

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I am also a thin white duke

since my early childhood

when I was four

people cheered:

– what a cute little girl!

it was probably my hair

silky and white

natural born white clown

without makeup

now I have no hair

standing there in front of the world

wearing my snow-white meat cap

complete with plastic saxophone

and sad eyes

I am also a thin white duke

I also look great in slim-fitting suits and shoulder pads

though I am not from London or Berlin

or have any chance of dying in New York City

I demand my right to attention

watch the remains of my silky hair

watch my snow-white complexion

my ashes to ashes beard

as gray as the melting ice


I am also a thin white duke

and you know it when you see me

there is no doubt

cooked asparagus comes to one’s mind

when looking at my wrists

when I sing small children run away

and do not fear for your wives and daughters

they find me deeply uninteresting

I can only sit here with my cone hat

and my pink ruff

and imagine myself far away

alone in orbit

with my protein supplements and my spiders

a lonely heathen

I am also a thin white duke

when karkinos grabs me

and I dwindle away

when I can no longer breathe

or eat solid food

when veteran tom bows out

and hangs the slim-fitting suit back in the closet

puts his plastic saxophone down

and lifts his cone hat one last time

I too will disappear into oblivion

but until then

lets dance

china girl