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So, it begins…




I think I have finally found out what to do with these new accommodations.

When I gave my former blog at MyOpera the name ‘The Daily Blues’ it was because I had this idea to make it appear as a sort of news magazine. I didn’t really follow through.

However, now I have the chance to revive this idea.

So, I will, as soon as possible, establish a new blog entirely, named ‘The Daily Blues 1.2’ and keep this blog as a sort of archives.

Now, I just have to find out a sort of concept for The Daily Blues 1.2.

This is where you, my noble subscribers (and ditto random guests) come in.

I simply need some input as to how you would like The Daily Blues to be. Ideas, musings, anything is welcome and will be treated with discretion and respect.

Let’s brainstorm!

We Made It!

Posted: 4. January 2013 in Uncategorized
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