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As suggested in the previous post, Simon and I are now engaged in realizing the comic book idea we have been developing over Winter.

So, my desktop looks like this at the moment.


Simon has written seven episodes of the epic, and still two to go in Year One.

I’m starting on Episode One as soon as all the characters are in place, and the arc is total. There has to be room for changes in continuity. Like if something happens in Vol. 10, that demands changes made in Vol. 4. I’m sure you get it.

Still weird things going on, though.

Today, Simon found this piece of… vintage toy… in a second hand shop:


Scary, right?

We both knew instantly that this guy must star in our story. I mean, look at him. Look at the way he dresses for God’s sake… So, I made this sketch:


Put him in some jungle-surroundings. I’m sure he has something to do with the Tarzarm Situation, a story where our hero comes to a jungle where this really irritating dude with The Strongest Arm in The Jungle (his other arm is thin and bony) rules.

Surferboy up there is probably one of Tarzarm’s friends. I call him Bodhi.

Anyway, weird stuff going on outside too. And I’m not talking about the coming Spring.

In our backyard we have this setup:

IMG_0040 (2)

So, I moved the Buddha, because I was considering digging that bed and clearing it for some planting. That is when I found this:

IMG_0041 (2)

Look at that! A holy plant!


It must be a holy plant, because it literally grew up Buddha’s arse… Does not get more holy than that, does it.

On the other hand, it’s probably a bloody Triffid.

More news later. Peace.