I Am Not Charlie But Anyway Here’s Some Cartoons

Posted: 14. January 2015 in Uncategorized
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First, my latest art project called “Man With Beard”:


and this:

mu 001


“And this is where Muhammad understood

he had no future in cartoons”

Please notice my new style.

I may be entering my Notebook and Ballpoint Period.

Cartoons are just connected lines on a piece of paper. In the old days they were called “the funnies”. We also refer to them as “comics”, because they are supposed to be… erm… comical, and nothing else.


  1. Aadil Shah says:

    Some idiot Imam got upset at the first issue of Charlie Hebdo since the murder of their employees and called it, “an act of war.”
    Bloody idiot can’t even think well enough to recognise the fact the it’s just a bloody drawing of a guy in a white hat. (I guess it’s meant to be a turban, but it kinda looks more like a chef’s hat to me.)

    According to Muslim tradition, it is impossible to forge an image of Rasulullah (s.a.w.) which means that any image depicting him is either 100% accurate or it’s not Rasulullah! (s.a.w.)

    Based on that, there is never a reason to even be upset about a drawing. Besides, it’s not as if Charlie Hebdo is an Islamic publication intended for Muslims to read. It really shouldn’t bother anyone who is not reading it and no Muslim should be reading it in the first place.
    (we’re only supposed to read Al Quran!)

    The same idiot Imam claimed that Muslims don’t know anything of Freedom of Expression. Well, I am free to wear my Kurta and Topi in public and that is the very essence of Freedom of Expression! So I say;
    Je Suis Charlie!

    • gdare says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but all the fuss about drawing Muhammad (or God) is because it might lead to idolization, which is wrong according to Khoran. I don’t think that it strictly forbids drawing of any of them.

      • subacati says:

        Darko, it’s a tad more complex but just as silly. To Sunni Muslims, every opinion of Mohammed Rasulullah (s.a.w.) is law. Thus, depicting him as saying something that there is no evidence of him saying is a kind of blasphemy.

        Of, course, this is a stupid argument when there is an Ahadith that says his image cannot be recreated by evil beings etc.

        And even more silly when the cartoons in question do not even name the person who’s image is depicted. Besides, this publication is not even intended for Muslims.

      • d4rkn1ght says:

        This is why I moved far away from organized religion long time ago. 😐

  2. killjoke says:

    Muhammad and variations of that name is fairly comon around the world. The Muhammad in my cartoon up there can be any Muhammad. Besides, I made it more as a comment to cartoons and cartoonists.than a provocation to any religious groups or individuals. Cartoons aren’t world art, if you ask me. Any twelve year old can do a cartoon on any school toilet wall, and get in trouble, right? My Muhammad found that he might have other talents, and perhaps he grew up and got a little more out of his life than drawing primitive sketches in a notebook. The bearded men are to show that a picture of a bearded man is only a picture of a bearded man, even if he has a turban on his head.

  3. Furie says:

    Going out of your way to insult people is bound to cause trouble, and some of the cartoons they did were intended to offend or at least be controversial. But, and this is a great big but that Kanye would probably marry, no-one ever has the right to try and scare people into stopping speaking their minds. No-one should ever have to suffer threats and violence simply for posting something that others don’t agree with or find insulting. And, as Aadil pointed out, if these people had anywhere near as much knowledge of their faith as we do then they wouldn’t have ever reacted this way.

    Also, happy birthday mate.

  4. subacati ,i agree with you ,beside I think that We need a real review of Alhadeeth books, large numbers of Alhadeeth that were attributed to the Prophet Muhammad need a real review . Islam is a religion that does not include all of these complications.
    gdare talked about very important point , “but all the fuss about drawing Muhammad (or God) is because it might lead to idolization” I and subacati know the story of the five Gods ({
    لَا تَذَرُنَّ آلِهَتكُمْ وَلَا تَذَرُنَّ وَدًّا وَلَا سُوَاعًا وَلَا يَغُوث وَيَعُوق وَنَسْرًا } … ,i wort their name in Arabic because i suppose you read an Arabic version of AlQuran ),any way i will summarize their story , it about five pious men ,after their death people made statues of them to monumentalize them ,over time the devil induced people of worshiping them, you are right gdare the idea of idolization .

  5. Yes … the idea goes back quite a way … the Golden Calf comes to mind, and I doubt that whoever wrote Exodus had the imagination to come up with the idea himself …As Tolkien would say, “It has been in the soup”.

    I have just recently heard a very well-regarded Quranic scholar mention that the idea of a picture of Mohammad was forbidden is only a couple of centuries old. She herself possesses some very old Qurans where there are “carpet pages” of illuminations with very realistic (that should be in quotes, as it denotes a style, not an identity) portraits of Mohammad in them.

    A friend recently remarked, concerning all this excitement, bloodlust, etc. over Islam, that to a Muslim, the year is 1436 … think of the state of Christianity at a similar year in our calendar. For that
    matter, think of the state of Christianity now … there are some very dangerous people out there.

    Now, to something really important: Martin, some considerable time back, on MyOpera, you blogged about a loaf of home-made bread, and showed pictures. It was a medium-tan colour, very grainy and coarse, and it looked delicious. You said it was, for lack of a better name, a folk recipe, very common in Danmark. Could you give me a name of it, or a recipe?

    • killjoke says:

      Was it this one?

      That is whole grain rye bread. A very complicated recipe that needs quite some skills, involving sourdough, first and second risings, sokaing of grain, and all.

      I can bing it in a new post soon, if you’d like.

      • That’s the one! I don’t bake much, but I’d make an exception for something that looks like that. I can almost smell it from here!

      • killjoke says:

        This sort of rye bread is very common in Scandinavia and most parts of Northern Germany. In our tradition white bread is considered a luxury, and since white bread is so low on proper nourishment, it does not meet our demand. The Scandinavian and Germanic tribes are hardy people, tall and strong. We can’t go on without proper bread and decent mead. 😉

        I’ll post a recipe soonish.

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