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I was doing a bit of Spring cleaning of my office/study the other day. Once in a while I need to do some sorting of the bits to maintain just a little order among the stuff and the things.

My preferred modus operandi in cases like this would be to just toss everything in a heap on the floor, and then sort it into three categories: 1) no, 2) yes, and 3) maybe. Everything in the no-category goes directly in the bin. Everything in the maybe-category gets and extra chance.

Anyway, after tossing everything on the floor, I noticed this particular situation:

IMG_0002I believe most modern humans will understand this, without me having to explain why the situation made me stop for a while and get the camera. I am pretty sure most of us can immediately sympathize with the poor fellow.



I, for one, can…

Good thing I was there to help him. I did that by putting him on the shelf where he is supposed to be, and tossing the wires into a drawer.

Yeah, that’s usually how I sort the bits to maintain order among the things and stuff.

How about you?


I’m a lucky guy. Found out by using simple math.

1) I have a psychiatric diagnosis. According to statistics this takes 20 years off my life expectancy.

2) I’m an alcoholic. According to statistics this takes 24 years off my life expectancy.

3) I’m a smoker. According to statistics this takes 20 years off my life expectancy.

The average life expectancy in Denmark is 79,8 years. Let’s round up to 80.

Now, do the math yourself.

Yes, result is, I should have died at 16.

I am today 46 years of age.

I totally rule in the beating death game!






So, it begins…



Basic Family Union

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