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Christmas Weirdness

Posted: 1. January 2014 in Uncategorized
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In early December my sister came home from a short vacation in Germany. I went to visit her a few days later, and she gave me “something special” she’d found for me at one of the Christmas Markets she’d been visiting in Germany.

The special something was this:


I’m pretty sure most of you are experiencing exactly the same as I was when I opened that gift. It was a genuine WTF moment.

Let’s just look at this… thing for a moment. We can establish following:

1) It’s a glass Christmas tree ornament of the type developed in Germany during the 18th century of which balls and bells are the most common in our time.

2) It has the form of a pickled gurkin

The obvious question still remains: WHY?

So, I made some research.

And The Legend of The German Christmas Pickle is actually quite interesting.

It’s a curiousity. I like that.

I forgot to hang it on our tree, though.

But next year I might just do it, and tell the guests I have a special present ready, and when the search is over and somebody has found the… item, tell everybody that it’s a hoax, so obviously there will be no real extra present.

That’ll teach ’em…


What the Elf?!

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Without Further Ado

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