havfrue (2)

Welcome to The Fish Tank.

As mentioned in the blog header, this place is under construction and will be for a while yet.

In the meantime you can check out some old posts I just imported from my MyOpera blog.

For reasons only known to the chosen few they are shotting down the MyOpera community site within four months from now, so everybody is leaving. I hope to see some of the good friends I made there coming around this place once in a while. That would be nice.

For new friends: check out my old posts. They’ll give you an impression on who you’re dealing with.

The Tag Cloud to the left might come in handy. Many of my posts are serial, categorized in tags. Try for yourself. You’ll find out how it works.

The posts are directly imported, which means I have not proofread any of them yet, so if you come by something which appears strange or faulty, drop a line in the comments of the post, and I’ll see about it.


This is KillJoke signing out.

  1. wickedlizard says:

    Well, here I am, my page is not set up yet, so bear with me! 😉

  2. meqanic says:

    …fra Nicolas 🙂

  3. killjoke says:

    Welcome again, old friends. This page is also still under construction. So, excuse the mess. It’s like moving into a new house. I’ll have to do some sorting and rearranging, Eventually there’ll be new posts too.

  4. Iam Qlue says:

    I’m still trying to find an easy way to login every time reliably! 😦
    Although I’m thinking of trying self hosting

  5. Furie says:

    Thought I’d just caught a mistake on WordPress then. The field above this in comments says Webside not Website. Took me a moment to realise this is a Danish page. And that’s with you actually pointing that out. You’d think the reader language settings would determine how people read the basic things like that.

    Anyway, proper welcome over here. Dunno how familiar you are with the place but you should find more than enough options to set the page up how you want. The sidebars have a neat trick that let’s you only have certain elements come up according to categories and tags on posts, so you can really make every element your own.

    I think between now and March we’ll see a lot of these under construction pages. Hopefully most of them will actually finish setting up and get a community going again.

    • killjoke says:

      ‘Webside’ must be some kind of error. We have no Danish word for website. We just use the English as in many other cases. ‘Side’ means ‘page’ in Danish. It’s not something I’ve done. Actually I don’t really know where you got it, because I can’t find it any where. Doesn’t matter though.

      The ‘About Page’ is in Danish, because originally I wanted this blog to be in Danish, but since it seems MyOpera Immigrants are going to WordPress in hordes, I guess I’ll keep it in English, make it a sort of Daily Blues 1.2. Eventually..

      • Furie says:

        Why not have both? By manipulating the menus you can have subheadings that drop down from a menu item. So you could have About Me on the menu and have it drop down in to a menu with English and Danish versions clickable from it. Set the one you want as the default click for the menu and you’re sorted.

        Damn, though I’d learned some Danish then, beyond the phrase I know in all languages. “Jeg vil gerne købe ALLE DE KYLLING!!!”

      • killjoke says:

        I was sorta hoping they’d have a function like that. Haven’t really gotten around to checking all the functions out yet, but as far as I can see there’s quite a few nice things available.

        Oh, and pluralis of ‘kylling’ is ‘kyllinger’; ‘-er’ at the end of words is the same as ‘-s’ in English. Or else they’ll only give you one.

      • Furie says:

        In English that would be saying “I want to buy all the chickens” and I’m saying “I want to buy all the chicken” as in the chicken being a packaged in handy buckets meat. Does the same rule apply there?

      • killjoke says:

        The entire chicken as opposed to just wings, legs or breast?

        Well, then you would need the definite article. In Danish ‘a chciken’ is ‘en kylling’. If your request is a specific chicken you’d need the definite form in which case you just take the ‘en’ and put it in the end of the word: ‘kyllingen’, like ‘the chciken’.

        And ‘all’ becomes ‘hele’ as in ‘the whole’: In Danish ‘alle’ (all) always refer to numerous objects. To refer to ‘the entirety’ you’d use ‘hele’.

        “Jeg vil gerne købe hele kyllingen.”

        That’ll give you what you need. However, you don’t need all this, because if you go to KFC in Denmark, they’d understand perfectly if you order in English.

      • killjoke says:

        Just did what you suggested, Mik. It seems to work alright. I think perhaps I should change the ‘root’ menu to the English ‘About’ and have the second one in Danish. But that’s a minor thing. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Iam Qlue says:

    It looks like WordPress.com is the new home of My Opera then. :p

  7. Furie says:

    *wipes that part of the brain to free it up for more methods of obtaining chicken*

  8. edward1793 says:

    Wow, really great looking Martin. Hopefully we expatriates will have as many good times here as on Opera. 😀

  9. ellinidata says:

    Martin your amazing posts will always be amazing, no matter where you are 🙂 I am a fan and delighted to find you here 🙂

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