About Me


My full name is Martin Leon Kjeldsen.

I was born in Denmark, in the city of Ny Nørup , Nørup Parish, Egtved Municipality in January 1969. Went to Nørup Central School through 10th grade.

In 1987 I became the father of Simon Alexander Heggum Kjeldsen. I lived at that time on the island of Ærø (Aero) in the South Funen archipelago.

I have no higher education but have different official and unofficial courses, exams and some practical experience that allows me to use the title ‘ journalist ‘ on my CV, although I have not worked as such since 1998.

September 2003 I was declared unfit for work and was retired.

I have published poems in various journals and a few years ago I self-published a poetry collection called ‘Danish Champion’.

I live currently in a small thatched house on the island of Funen with my wife Ann -Charlotte (AC among friends ) who was born in Thorsager in Jutland.

Politically , I am slightly left to those on the right, and a little to the right of those who are far left, but do not always agree with those who are in the middle.

I chose the username KillJoke from the first two letters in my last name.

  1. kent1112 says:

    Hi Martin, Just arrived here and reestablishing with friends from both My Opera and Facebook. I have yet to set anything up, but will in the near future and for the new year. Regards, Kent

  2. killjoke says:

    As a brief look around these posts will show I haven’t really set anything up yet either. It’s like if I had just tossed everything into a van, driven the way to the new place and just unloaded everything randomly into the rooms of the new home. I’m afraid it will stay like this for quite some time yet. I’ll have to figure out how WordPress really works first. News posts will appear, though. Shortly.

  3. pammiejean48 says:

    Hi Martin. I like the black/gray/white of the blog and also the spattered paint effect. Since I’ve mainly been working with powdered charcoal the last two years, I guess I’m drawn to the subtlety of it. Although at times it can be quite dramatic, such as from the splashes of color with each person’s profile pic, or the addition of very black or white. What I also like is the ‘torn edge’ appearance. So far, I’m pretty happy with the export of my blog with the exception of my photo albums. It was suggested by WP staff that I do another export. I won’t do that since I’ve already begun tweeking my old blogs, or deleting one or two, etc. I’m just going to get them back on my pc or do a flickr account.

  4. subacati says:

    My blog is a straight dump from My Opera as well.
    Stuff the links. no one else ever fixes broken links on the Net so why should I????? :p

  5. Hello KJ Martin, just fell into your blog….very nice to make a familiar connection from opera…my migration is still in process……..much of my old stuff magically made it here I perform much like a donkey one foot after the next push a button sit in awe……..& posting some new. Best wishes to you and AC. Carlo

  6. killjoke says:

    Thanks everybody! Take a look around. I’m not posting at all at the time, because of summer, but I’ll be back.

  7. adamcshurte says:

    Martin, could we start emailing again? I don’t have your address anymore but my new one’s at adamcshurte@gmail.com (let the spam roll in).

  8. Hi man, I’ve nominated you for my You Are My Sunshine Award https://chartonjeremiah.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/you-are-my-sunshine-award-and-other-stories/. It would be interesting to read your answers to my eleven questions.

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