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Je suis Ziggy

Posted: 18. January 2016 in Uncategorized
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I am also a thin white duke

since my early childhood

when I was four

people cheered:

– what a cute little girl!

it was probably my hair

silky and white

natural born white clown

without makeup

now I have no hair

standing there in front of the world

wearing my snow-white meat cap

complete with plastic saxophone

and sad eyes

I am also a thin white duke

I also look great in slim-fitting suits and shoulder pads

though I am not from London or Berlin

or have any chance of dying in New York City

I demand my right to attention

watch the remains of my silky hair

watch my snow-white complexion

my ashes to ashes beard

as gray as the melting ice


I am also a thin white duke

and you know it when you see me

there is no doubt

cooked asparagus comes to one’s mind

when looking at my wrists

when I sing small children run away

and do not fear for your wives and daughters

they find me deeply uninteresting

I can only sit here with my cone hat

and my pink ruff

and imagine myself far away

alone in orbit

with my protein supplements and my spiders

a lonely heathen

I am also a thin white duke

when karkinos grabs me

and I dwindle away

when I can no longer breathe

or eat solid food

when veteran tom bows out

and hangs the slim-fitting suit back in the closet

puts his plastic saxophone down

and lifts his cone hat one last time

I too will disappear into oblivion

but until then

lets dance

china girl

Quote of The Day

Posted: 15. February 2014 in Uncategorized
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sam elliott