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Before The Break

Posted: 29. August 2014 in Uncategorized
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I am taking what my son usually refers to as a “creative break”.

I’ve been doodling along at such an extent, lately, that my computer mouse is beginning to collapse and my right shoulder is aching to á level where I have been considering calling my physician to get some heavy painkillers. Yes, hand drawing strains the shoulder, not the wrist, as many people think.

I have decided, in collaboration with my son (the writer of our comic project) to start with the real thing, the creation of the actual comic books this has been leading up to, in October. So, I’m taking September off. I will be directing my attention towards other projects, like the garden and the house.

There will be posts. Garden stuff posts. Usual stuff.

So, I am leaving the comic characters alone. And some of them seem to be quite comfortable with this.





Well, I hope he enjoys his vacation, because there will be enough villains to fight and crimes to solve for many volumes to come, when I call him back.

Meanwhile, I wonder what our friend, the big hero of the story, Putz himself, has been doing lately. Apart from enjoying himself with heavy demolishing equipment, like everybody else this summer.



 Actually, I’ve heard that he has been trying another area of employment. Something with secrets and intelligence – terms you would not normally associate with Putz.


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Dream Structures

Posted: 14. November 2008 in Uncategorized
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