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bear mountain

This is actually a spoiler. However, I’m pretty sure the alien/human hybrids inhabiting Earth when this project is finally completed will be indifferent to outdated internet-spoilers.

The story about Putz the Avenger takes place in Underbed City, a dark place where lost and forgotten souls struggle to survive. Everybody living here used to be toys – from simple rubber ducks to complex action figurines, But the kids have abandoned the nursery and something has happened, something nobody remembers, something that over night blessed the toys with life and sentience, and at the same time cursed them with suffering and death. They are now a living society, some of them bound to this forsaken place, under the bed, where no daylight ever comes in, and that which may be outside only exists in fairytales and myths.

Because they used to be toys, they do not get hurt like organic beings. They do not bleed, and if an arm comes off or a head get smashed in, they can be fixed, patched up and equipped with new limbs.

This is where the gentleman in the image at the top comes in.

He is Papa Bear, the head honcho of all sale of spare parts and patches in Underbed City. Nobody knows who he really is and where he lives, only a few has even seen him, but it is said that he is the oldest living toy in Underbed City, hundreds of years old, and hundreds of years angry. He leads a vast organisation, and the turnover of the operation is massive. Combine this with an ill-funded, badly organized and very small police force, and… Well, you know how it works in comics. Every living soul in the city will need a good patch-up or a spare part once in a while, and none of this comes cheap, and all of it comes from Papa Bear’s organisation.

Now, to the quiz… Yeah, did I forget to mention, there was a quiz?

The image above includes a tribute. If you really are a comics fan, you will already have noticed it.


More of the same…

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strip-putteposter strip-putteposter-02

This too…

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Back To The Drawing Table

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Been doodling again…

demon dogfight




A Few Spacecraft

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  •  “ChurrChill”, Remotely Piloted Spacecraft, tactical combat unit.
  • Displacement: 4 ton.
  • Propulsion: 2xTHG Nuclear Reactors, 3×7 Gauge Plasma Thrusters.
  • Armament: M760 Blast Guns, 1200 rounds, CC567 High-Explosive Incendiary Semi-Armour Piercing warheads.


  •  “Buck Rogers”, Vintage Pleasure Cruiser.
  • Displacement: 11 kiloton.
  • Propulsion: 1 HYT (mini) Nuclear Reactor. 1 10 Gauge Plasma Thruster.
  • Armament: none


  •  “Sexy Beast”, Luxury Pleasure Yacht
  • Displacement: 45 kiloton.
  • Propulsion: 2xTHG Nuclear Reactors, 2x 7 Gauge Plasma Thruster, 2×4 Positronic Ecodrive Turbines.
  • Armament: 4xM245 Blast Guns, 600 rounds.


  •  “Burning Love”, Racing Yacht
  • Displacement: 45 ton.
  • Propulsion: 3xHYT Supercharge Nuclear Reactors, 1 12 Gauge Plasma Thruster with Tungsten/Vonnegut PermAfterburner,
  • Armament: none


  • Crusader Cruisers, The Condor and The Cormorant.
  • Specifications: classified.


  • The Cormorant

Break Interrupted

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Before The Break

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I am taking what my son usually refers to as a “creative break”.

I’ve been doodling along at such an extent, lately, that my computer mouse is beginning to collapse and my right shoulder is aching to á level where I have been considering calling my physician to get some heavy painkillers. Yes, hand drawing strains the shoulder, not the wrist, as many people think.

I have decided, in collaboration with my son (the writer of our comic project) to start with the real thing, the creation of the actual comic books this has been leading up to, in October. So, I’m taking September off. I will be directing my attention towards other projects, like the garden and the house.

There will be posts. Garden stuff posts. Usual stuff.

So, I am leaving the comic characters alone. And some of them seem to be quite comfortable with this.





Well, I hope he enjoys his vacation, because there will be enough villains to fight and crimes to solve for many volumes to come, when I call him back.

Meanwhile, I wonder what our friend, the big hero of the story, Putz himself, has been doing lately. Apart from enjoying himself with heavy demolishing equipment, like everybody else this summer.



 Actually, I’ve heard that he has been trying another area of employment. Something with secrets and intelligence – terms you would not normally associate with Putz.


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