Even Without

Posted: 17. January 2016 in Uncategorized
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His eyes blood shot red

He presses two buttons at the same time

While watching the monitor

Office in darkness

The screen lights up

As the countdown slowly begins



In his castle of glass and stone

Mr Suit’n’tie paces the floor of his office

Hands on his back

Waiting for the flat composit object

On the edge of his formica desktop

To give a signal



Suit’n’tie in his Mercedes van

Slowly down Main Street

Sunday morning

Is it late?

A sinister depression rising from the asfalt

Reaching his senses over the edge of his open window

She sits with him for a while

Saying nothing

Doing nothing

Just sitting there

Like she did so many times before




Alone at the controls

Loosening his tie


As his bloodshot, aching eyes

Follow the numbers on the monitor


A few

But not this time

Not this one

He wants this to happen

He has planned it carefully

Over almost a decade

Two presidents have come and gone

Since he first got hold of the idea

And now




Suit’n’tie at the restaurant

Waiting without hope or desire

Without reason or right

Without hunter’s license

Without new nudges on the hilt

Without favouring the young

Waiting like so many times before

In vane, futile and without

Without love and kindness

Not even that

Without any flat composit objects flashing



Primary patho-physiological toxic effect guaranteed

Exotheric, chemical reaction

Large scale secondary psychological effects predicted

The screen blacks out

And all is darkness







  1. Clever and haunting. That’s my kind of poetry.

  2. gdare says:

    Like a scene from X-files!!!

  3. I was sucked in the first line and chilled till the end. Just curious by what inspired this particular piece? Well written and never dulled out in my readers eye. Chanel

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