Sorry Anus

Posted: 22. February 2015 in Uncategorized
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sitting behind a locked door thinking
sorry anus

sorry for chili and espresso
sorry for curry and salt biscuits and mustard
sorry for cabbage and sausage casserole and onion and blue cheese
sorry, sorry, sorry

but like in the priest’s book
I must now suffer with calmness and serenity

for my sin

  1. coisart says:

    that….was beautiful…

  2. gdare says:

    In Serbia we use to say that first you torture your stomach, then your stomach is torturing you. What goes around, comes around…. 😀

  3. Aadil Shah says:

    I thought Anus was a jackal?

  4. kimmzifoo says:

    Don’t you sully Anubis with your rectum jokes, boys. 😡

  5. adamcshurte says:

    O Amoxicillin
    Ten days I slept with you
    Ten days, and ten nights

    Now my anus, too, is afire
    Burning with the heat
    Of a thousand suns

    Stains of brown
    Mingled on toilet tissue
    With faint streaks of red

    O cruel betrayer
    O antibiotic of great potency
    Leave my ass alone

  6. you can feel the chlili taste twice ,the first one when you eat it and the second when you pass .

  7. Furie says:

    Spoken word eh? I can just see you in a black turtleneck, shouting this out in a coffee shop while a hippy plays bongos for dramatic stings.

    • killjoke says:

      I’ve actually recited pieces like this in situations similar to the one you refer to. It works. People relate. After all, this subject is as universal as they get.

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