Ghosts in The Baking Tray

Posted: 29. January 2014 in Uncategorized
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A couple of days ago, I roasted a chicken in the oven.

After the meal I went to the kitchen

to sort out the mess, as usually.

I’d poured some water in the oven tray,

just to keep it soaked.

It looked like this:


I almost said “Hi there, little fellows!”, because…

Well, look at it.

There are little ghosts everywhere in that tray:





  1. Iam Qlue says:

    Your oven is haunted! 😮

  2. kimmzifoo says:

    Would be almost pretty if it wasn’t so gross.

  3. Darko says:

    Ghosts of the chicken parts?

    • killjoke says:

      Well, nobody really has the final definition of ‘ectoplasm’, since it is not an actual chemical substance. So, chicken grease is as good a bet as any. The above images prove that chicken grease can produce ghosts. Evidentially.

  4. Furie says:

    I love fat and water mixes. They’re usually better than modern art and tend to have more effort put into them.

  5. Nice, Martin! I’ve shot similar things, but none so good as this.

  6. pam says:

    So, is it deliberate or random when I talk to the little grease ghosties? I only ask because my daughter has asked me to please not say ‘that’ out loud. ‘That’ was when I mumbled something about hearing adult voices coming out of the baby monitor back when the baby was about six months old and no one else was home but me and the baby. My daughter really didn’t believe me. Come to find out, after fiddling with the thing, it was picking up a religious station somewhere.

  7. I’ve currently soaking my Sunday Roast oven tray in water – no ghosties! 😥

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