Note to Prior Post

Posted: 25. June 2012 in Uncategorized
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Prior post.

How were we supposed to know?

Or, to put it even better, how were our ancestors supposed to know? Why didn't it occur to them, that filling the furnace with coal and oil would, eventually, cause a disaster. And, if some of them had the thought, how come they didn't stop it? Perhaps they tried and failed. I have only heard dim rumours. However the hows and whys, we're pretty much screwed, all of us. Penguins included.

It seems, something must be done. Well, actually, it seems like nothing can be done and we're in for it, no matter what we do. Our feeble attempts on reversing development have hitherto ammounted to fuck all. Like arrows against an avalange. Like bringing an accordion to a gunfight.

Must we abandon all hope to enter into the future and beyond? Close our eyes and wait till it's over?

I don't know.

I guess, somebody's gotta do something in a damn hurry, and it's partially up to me, but still, like must others, I sit on my hands and shake my head. I read the news, watch the updates, check my text messages and email on a regular basis, so it's not that I am ignorant of the events in the world outside my inbox. Still, I choose to retire, blow the horn and fall back. It seems to be all I have left to do.

Enough about me. How about you?

– The Cleaner

  1. garlingmatthews says:

    It's depressing. It would take international political will, and a completely different economic system to make the necessary difference; but the will isn't there. Our world is literally choking on money, an abstraction which I'm pretty sure will seem pretty silly later.

  2. gdare says:

    No way countries rich with oil and coal would give up selling them just because of nature. Greed and ignorance are their basic characteristic, killing one or million penguins makes no difference to them. People? Looking from above, from an big office on 79th floor, they all look like ants, anyway :irked:

  3. sanshan says:

    I'm very discouraged at our government's response to building oil pipelines from one province to our British Columbia coast, on the Pacific Ocean. This is pristine wilderness. And now the oil companies are buying favors from the First Nations peoples who own the land that this pipeline will cross. Just last month, one of the lines leaked and spread 300,000 barrels of oil into one of the rivers. I'm very very worried. My country should be better than this.

  4. CarloFon says:

    I still believe the EARTH will survive with or without us. My money is on "with us". :hat:

  5. edwardpiercy says:

    I'm afraid we'll have to learn our lesson the hard way.What makes me sad is the kids. What good does it do to help them overcome cancer and heart defects, knowing what kind of future must be in store for them? A few years of happiness, hopefully.

  6. darkesthour says:

    From what i understand, the time to effect a reversal is past. It is officially too late. In the words of Nero, pass me the violin

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