Vanguard of The Coloured Army

Posted: 20. February 2012 in Uncategorized
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Despite certain events in my personal life, of which I shall report later, I have, for the last three weeks, had this feeling inside me of Spring.

I know, this sounds a bit odd since I am situated on the Northern Hemisphere and the calendar still shows February; only two weeks ago we had minus 18 degrees Celcius and a compact layer of snow covering everything. But still, my heart seems to believe that Spring is coming.

People have been smiling at me, when I have spoken of this sensation I have been feeling. They do not laugh, but their smiles tell me that they doubt my forecasts and find them a tad silly.

As from today I can say: What did I tell you? because I have now in my possession photographic evidence supporting my notions.

The species is Eranthis hyemalis, and in my neck of the woods they are the prime announcers of Spring, native to South Europe but widely naturalized in the North as well.

So, there you have it: indisputable proof of the coming Summer.

And above, the skies have the colour of ultramarine, one of the palette's most beautiful colours. The ancient masters of art had to acquire the rare and expensive mythic gemstone Lapis Lazuli to mix this exact colour, and even though modern chemistry has supplied us with artificial alternatives lapis dust is still unparalleled in this area.

Thus, Heaven comes down to Earth and the greatest becomes the smallest: the skies and the stone.

Nature, my friends. Value it.

  1. gdare says:

    A bush in front of our house just started to bloom even though a weather is just the same as it was a month ago. Meaning: rain. But it seems that plants are having much better sense of what is about to come soon 😀

  2. garlingmatthews says:

    I totally misconstrued what this would be about from the title.Still winter here. Hard core.

  3. Aqualion says:

    Originally posted by garlingmatthews:

    I totally misconstrued what this would be about from the title.

    I knew that. After all, I have a posteriori knowledge in the area of head lines.;)

  4. edwardpiercy says:

    Lapis lazuli. In Egypt they used to paint the ceilings of tombs that color. Rebirth, yes? Overcast, trying to rain or trying to snow but really doing neither, chilly 25 F to 34 F. Downright boring. I wish we'd get a good blizzard or something.

  5. Stardancer says:

    Lapis is one of my favorite stones, and yellow my favorite color.Happy (almost) Spring, Martin.:happy:

  6. qlue says:

    "Lente vroeg, somer laat!" :sherlock: .

  7. Aqualion says:

    Originally posted by qlue:

    Lente vroeg, somer laat!"

    Yeah, we have the exact same saying in Danish, but then again, I like Spring better than Summer, so that is absolutely okay for me.

  8. Furie says:

    Bah, summer bug…

  9. qlue says:

    :yes::hat: .Enjoy the Spring then. :up: .

  10. Zaphira says:

    Spring flowers!!! Hooray! Temperatures have definitely gone up a tad the last week, and … I dare to hope that spring is just around the corner. Now, wouldn't that be sweet. :happy:

  11. Aqualion says:

    Thanks for the wishes, and the same to you…The personal events I mentioned in the above revolve around the loss of a family member: my father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer in the first week of December 2011, and he died in a hospital bed last week at the age of 65. One of the toughest things that can happen to a family.So, this family needs Spring, warmth, lights and the experience of blossom.My regards and deepest sentiments to any family suffering the same.

  12. garlingmatthews says:

    My sympathys. Hard indeed.

  13. Spaggyj says:

    Pretty post. Contains optimism.

  14. Furie says:


  15. Aqualion says:

    Thank you.

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