One For The Laugh Muscles

Posted: 25. November 2010 in Uncategorized
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Saw 'Good Will Hunting' yesterday, and it reminded me of Robin Williams talent as a stand-upper. He is still the king of stand-up.

Enjoy this.

You will fall of the chair laughing. Unless of course your in a golf cart. In that case you'll fall of the cart and roll on the green laughing.

  1. Zaphira says:

    I really like Robin Williams. :up: I didn't know he'd done stand up too… but he's good at it. 😀

  2. gdare says:

    I am sorry Graham (Scotsman from Edinbourgh) is no longer a member of Opera Community. He would be able to translate all of it 😀

  3. Aqualion says:

    @KittyHe's been doing stand-up since the seventies. Not as much these days, though, because of his cardiac problems. He did some shows in 2009, which broke all records when it comes to ticket sales. He is truely regarded as the King of Stand Up. @DarkoHe be bummin oot the windae, the haverin' galoot! Goes to show, a nod's as guid as a wink tae a blind horse. A right scunner, that Robbie Lad!

  4. FlaRin says:

    Good Will Hunting is a pretty bloody good movie, I M O – mind you, I think Matt Damon is one of the *great* actors – just as RW is one of the *great* comics – he's bloody good at 'serious' too – may I recommend '1 Hour photo' as a superb exapmple of how subtle and creepy he can be. Outstanding acting, and so believable that my ex (sorry, Pussy Cat) coudln't watch it at all 🙂

  5. Zaphira says:

    Don't get me started! 😡

  6. edwardpiercy says:

    Hells yeah – Pebble Beach, mo-fo! I'm gonna make this course my be-ach! :lol:I liked The Fisher King.Thanks for posting.

  7. FlaRin says:

    Originally posted by Pussy Cat:

    Don't get me started!

    I said sorry :eyes:Fuck that's funny!!! I keep rewatching & laughing again 😆

  8. Zaphira says:

    You said sorry, but you didn't really mean that. 😉

  9. Aqualion says:

    @Kitty & FlarinYou are so cute…I like pretty much everything Williams have done. My favorite is his role as Dr. Malcolm Sayer in 1990 drama 'Awakenings'.I fall asleep just when hearing or reading the title of 'The Dead Poets Society', because my English teacher in the last year of Secondary School was obsessed by it and based several classes on it. Good thing the damn film didn't come out before 1989, because if it had it would have been the same thing in first and second year too.

  10. FlaRin says:

    Originally posted by Lion:

    fall asleep just when hearing or reading the title of 'The Dead Poets Society'

    puts fingers in ears & sings "LALALALALALALALALA" very loudly.Hold on. <re-reads>. Cute??? 😆 Fucking hell!!! :lol:Awakenings was a *superb* movie. Top class, very moving indeed and true. Although the doctor (played by Williams) was in reality British. 🙂

  11. Aqualion says:

    :zzz: Honestly, the whole carpe diem thing is just so late eighties, isn't it? Putting Modernism to bed and paving the path to the Postmodern Age. And what did Postmodernism amount to? Seinfeld! Oh, the glory!:devil:

  12. FlaRin says:

    Kramer, is what it amounted to, not Seinfeld 😀

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