2000 – After Hours

Posted: 11. March 2010 in Uncategorized

On my way through Odd Town on this cold night, I find myself looking at the exhibition window of the designer furniture boutique. Chairs, tables and lamps, all with Danish surnames: Wegner, Kjærholm, Panton, Juhl, Mogensen, Klint, Salto, Hein. The fine ladies and gentlemen of Danish Design.

For almost two years I assembled Danish designed French press coffee makers for a living.

I would sit at that table for seven hours a day making sure the uniquely designed stainless steel frame and the equally ingeniously engineered safety lid was correctly attached to the 51oz thermo glass carafe. And the next one. And the next one.

Sometimes the old, once yellow telephone on the wall would ring, and I would know it was the foreman telling me to stop what I was doing and go down to the gate area to help pack the boxes of French press coffee makers. Most of the boxes had labels saying this or that in Chinese or Japanese, and men with fork lifts would roll them into trucks, and other men in caps and denim jackets would drive them away.

Nothing much, but even so a job. Better than standing on the street corner smoking cigarettes, I suppose. People need their coffee. Chinese and Japanese people as well.

I like to contribute, because I care.

To make coffee you would need hot water and coffee, and that is about it. You do not really need a £30 Danish designed French press coffee maker with a heat-resistant borosilicate glass beaker and a polypropylene handle. Any old coffee pot would do.

Sure, the attractive and functional design looks good on your vintage Hans Wegner solid oak coffee table (£385.00, fine condition, no dents or deep scratches. Available for inspection and collection from our showroom.) with your Georg Jensen Damask two-thread, super-combed, long fibred American cotton tablecloth.

But you do not really need it. Not even if you are Chinese.

Further up the street I find a beggar sitting at the corner by the bank with an upside down baseball cap in front of him. He looks at me as I pass by. He doesn't even say anything. He just looks at me.

I think about the £30 Danish designed French press coffee maker as I give him a smile and toss a few coins into his hat.

Just enough for a cup of coffee.

  1. gdare says:

    People are more concerned with form than with core of the life today. Luckily, there are always people who can pour some coffee for you in that old cracked coffee mug. And make a day better :happy: :coffee:Another great post.

  2. Spaggyj says:

    Darko puts it eloquently, as you have.

  3. Stardancer says:

    Great post, Martin. Well-said.

  4. studio41 says:

    nice post, Martin- I could point out my favourite lines, but I won't. thank you for caring. I'll leave it at that.

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