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March is the first month of spring. And still snow is covering the streets and just about everything else.

According to a common myth Greenlanders have several hundred words describing snow. The truth is, that kalaallisut only has two real words for snow, qanik for falling snow, and aput for resting snow. However, just as English uses derived terms for a variety of forms of water, liquid, lake, river, brook, rain, dew, wave, foam, Greenlanders additionally will say piqsirpoq about drifting snow, and qimuqsuq about a snow drift.

But that is about it.

I live in South Denmark (that is the one term Greenlanders use about this place), and to me, as I walk through City on this cold spring-night, there is just snow. Like the semi-transparent layer covering everything around me, making it difficult to tell where the pavement stops and the street begins and to judge whether the car that pulls over up the street is a police car or a taxi.

The mere and simple procedure of walking the street can be quite a challenge in weather like this. I walk with a limb, due to ligament injuries in my left knee, and find it hard to walk straight even on dry grounds. Nevertheless, I know that the uneven rhythm of my boots on the pavement will bring me home safe.

Enough about the weather. Everybody talks about the weather, and nobody seems to do anything about it…

Like many other nights before, I spend this night in a low-ceilinged room sitting by a table with a drink in front of me. Astronomers will point a telescope at the stars in the search of truth, biologists will look at a drop of water through a microscope. I look in an empty glass. The amount of truth I find here equals the amount of truth the fine men and women of science find: a total of fuck all.

For almost seven years the contents of the glasses on the tables in front of me have been non-alcoholic. Seven years. They say, that the total time required for the human body to reboot is seven years. After seven years every cell in our bodies have been replaced by new ones. Thus, if I look back seven years and claim that I was an entirely different person then, I would be closer to the truth than I would actually like to be.

Time heals all wounds. Which is only fair. After all, time also deals them.

As for the reason why I have chosen to stay on the narrow path of sobriety, I'm not really sure myself. Is it that important? Do we need reasons for the choices we make? Is it of crucial significance to demand an answer? Why is such a cruel word. It grabs you and drags you out of the comfortable illusion you call everyday living and leaves you on shaky grounds, until you have found the answer. Because. Meditate on this word. Or don't. I would choose the latter, since I find because even more cruel than why. Because is violent. Because leaves no survivors and takes no prisoners. Because doesn't bury its dead.

Enough about philosophy. In a World where everybody is a philosopher, who will sweep the streets?

  1. Spaggyj says:

    You have a way of writing. You combine fact with philosophy, the rather dark with light and silly.. It's interesting.

  2. Spaggyj says:

    Actually your english is better than most British people's. The only grammatical errors I've noticed are either very slight or typos.

  3. Aqualion says:

    Thanks. I am trying to write in English like I usually write in Danish. Until now I have had difficulties doing this, and I am still learning. There will be linguistic oddities here and there, English is not my mother-tongue, but I hope you understand and get the general picture.

  4. gdare says:

    What Kimmie said, it is a great post. And a previous one, too. And some others that I remember. You have a story in your head and that`s most important; translating it, is just a technicality :up:"According to a common myth Greenlanders have several hundred words describing snow."I heard about it in a movie Smilla`s Sense of Snow. A nice movie 🙂

  5. Aqualion says:

    The book is much better, Darko. Like one of my old friends usually says, 'Make your own film – read a book.'Thanks.

  6. gdare says:

    I don`t think they have published it here, but it is worth trying to find it :up:

  7. edwardpiercy says:

    Wonderful snow. I always think that snow brings with it a kind of purity upon the earth. Imaginary, maybe. But that's the way it affects me. BTW read this stuff last night but my mind was too clouded by those alcohol OH molecules to feel confident about putting words together. :pGlad to find you writing again.

  8. studio41 says:

    congratulations on your sobriety, it is impressive regardless of why you chose it… and admirable"Everybody talks about the weather, and nobody seems to do anything about it… " 🙂 so much of your entry I appreciated, and enjoyed, Martin. why?… because.

  9. studio41 says:

    Originally posted by Aqualion:

    Daylight has increased with almost four hours and birds are waking up, exercising their voices for the grand overture.

    well said, and then you said more!…Originally posted by Aqualion:

    And the poets will keep writing.

    I hope you do, Martin.

  10. Aqualion says:

    Thank you.Meanwhile the snow is almost gone. Only a few persistant drifts remains, and they are slowly shrinking, melting away. Daylight has increased with almost four hours and birds are waking up, exercising their voices for the grand overture. The sparrows and starlings will form the sonata and within the month of May it will reach the coda, hitting on every possible clichéd gesture of final cadences, and Summer will be here.And the poets will keep writing.

  11. Aqualion says:

    This Winter has been partuclarly harsh on me. My father passed away in August, I lost a dear friend in Februrary, and due to this stress related fatigue syndrome from which she is suffering my wife has had weeks where she has been totally incapacitated – something the doctors can't seem to do anything about. But God kept us through another dark Scandinavian Winter. This I appreciate more than I can tell with words.

  12. studio41 says:

    Martin, I'm sorry your wife is struggling with this. I hope the situation ameliorates and she finds relief. Please wish her my best. I can understand the fatigue and some struggles, but I won't complain now- I know others are struggling far more and with more.I hope the spring touches your energy, bodies and hearts in deep, peaceful and healing ways.

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